Building a sustainable future with precast concrete

Auckland based to supply Waikato & Auckland to Northland.

Concretec New Zealand is one of  Auckland’s preferred and largest suppliers of  pre-cast concrete.  Based in Bombay South Auckland within 40 minutes of Auckland CBD, Concretec is ideally positioned to service projects across the Greater Auckland & Waikato and Bay of Plenty, and Northland regions.

We can supply to the largest and smallest projects.

Since inception in 2005 Concretec has supplied an extensive range of precast concrete products to over 750 construction projects, and is typically involved with the most prestigious and largest of these, but are equally comfortable supplying small one off projects as well.

Large new purpose built premises

With a purpose build site and over 100 total employees and contractors  on our Bombay site, Concretec has the size to take on the largest of precast projects, but can still manage small one off projects with ease.

Quality management is integral with our culture

Concretec operates to ISO9001 quality standard, and is a certified supplier under the national Concrete NZ – Precast Sector accreditation system.  We continue to drive the quality system to lower levels of detail to improve performance over time and embrace the continuous improvement philosophy. 

Managed by its owners

Concretec New Zealand Ltd is managed by its owners who understand the importance of commitment to quality and service to help their clients achieve project success.

Collectively Concretec's Management team have many decades of building industry experience both locally and internationally with a balance of production, project management, and engineering skills.

Sustainability – An efficient green site

Our Bombay operation has a light environmental and services footprint been self-sufficient in water supply, and sewage treatment.  We have maintained a greenbelt on the property and have planted approx. 1000 native trees and plants plus a number of fruit and olive trees, and grape vines.  In December 2020 we  further decreased our environmental footprint by becoming 70% self sufficient in electricity supply with the installation of a 102 kW solar array, one of the larger in New Zealand.  The solar panels supplier, REC, has been selected as they supply the lowest embedded carbon panel on the market, with the energy intensive manufacture of silicon wafers done in Norway, a country that has 96% renewable energy supply via hydroelectric.  With New Zealand still needing to burn coal and gas to top up the supply of hydroelectric and other renewable energy sources, the reduction of demand on the national grid of approx. 141,000 kwhrs per year from Concretec's solar panel system could reduce New Zealand emissions by over 50 tonnes per year by helping reduce gas & coal burn.

 Vertical integration

To ensure excellence in supply of cut and bent reinforcing, in 2020  we have established a purpose built reinforcing cut and bend processing business on site, which is seamlessly integrated into the Concretec supply chain, reducing critical lead times and improving the ability to raise quality standards.

   Solar 14 Dec 2020

  Concretec NZ Ltd Head office and factories. 


                                                                                                               View looking east showing storage yards for finished precast items.