Working Safely with Precast Concrete on Site

Concretec follow the Work Safe Guidelines for Safe Working with Precast Concrete published in 2019. Click here to read the Work Safe document

This document is a good guide for safe site practices which include:

  • Site design works
  • Preparation for site off loading & erection
  • Lifting
  • Storage
  • Temporary support/ propping of precast elements

Specific Concretec practices to ensure safe handling and erection of precast elements on site include:

 -  Every precast  element has a lifting design in accordance with RamsetReid lifting design guidelines.  This is completed during the shop drawing process, and is sent to site during the early stages of shop drawing to gain sites (the Head Contractor) approval of the lifting method proposed.  Note Concretec is responsible for the lifting design, not site, BUT site must agree with the proposed design with respect to placement positions of the lifters and rigging arrangements required by the crane operators to safely lift the precast unit off the delivery truck, and into final position. Concretec only use RamsetReid lifters.

In detail this process works as follows:

1/   Concretec emails to site shop drawings which for each precast unit shows the lifter size and position unit weights, and rigging diagram reference number for site lift and placement. For each significant issue of drawings, and lifting approval form is attached.


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Typical shop drawing showing lifting information

2/  Site (Head Contractor) ensures the persons responsible for site lifting reviews the shop drawings and approves or comments on the proposed lifting design.   Importantly they compare the rigging codes - see attached rigging diagrams that relate to these codes, and confirm they agree they can lift safely using the design, and should satisfy themselves the lifters are of sufficient capacity.   This is a good time for the site to ensure they will have the correct lifter clutches available to match the lifters in the precast units, to avoid any delays on day of lifting.  Site then complete the lifting approval form (see below) and email back to Concretec. This must be completed   prior to the shop drawings been issue for construction.

See example of lifting approval form below:

00  Site Approval Form For Lifters In Precast   Nz Precast Association Std Form

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Site lift rigging codes as indicated on shop drawings and approval form are below:

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